Continuous dyeing of graphene on cotton fabric: Binder-free approach for electromagnetic shielding

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MD ZahidulIslam, Yubing Dong, Nazakat AliKhoso, Arsalan Ahmed, Hridam Deb, Yaofeng Zhu, 

Wentong Yang, Yaqin Fu

In this paper, Graphene oxide dyed on the cotton fabric through an efficient and industrially used continuous dyeing method. The graphene oxide dyed cotton fabric was reduced by using green reducing L-ascorbic at 100 °C microwave-assisted reduction. The effect of with different weight percent of rGO on sheet resistance and active electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding of the studied. The surface modification of the fabric was achieved by using dopamine; the results showed significant improvements for the adhesion of (rGO) distributed uniformly on the fibre surface. Also, the rGO dyed fabric showed higher electrical conductivity 2.3 × 10−1S/cm−1 and EMI SE of −26 to −35 dB in the range of 30–1530 MHz in X-band.

Applied Surface Science

Volume 496, 1 December 2019, 143636

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